Dickinson Family Photo Album
Photos are added here as they become available. Click on an image to enlarge it.
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Last update: 3/09.

This is the only known, authentic photograph of the poet. ("Accept no substitutes!") Used by permission of Amherst College Archives & Special Collections.
The Dickinson Homestead on Main Street, Amherst, Massachusetts. The house was recently painted ochre and green to make it match more closely the colors it was when the poet lived here. A major landscape project in Spring, 2009, is removing the overgrown hemlock hedge and restoring the front gate, fencing, hedge, etc. more to its appearance in the poet's time. (c) Photo copyright by Connie Ann Kirk.
The Dickinson garden on the east side of the Homestead. The poet was an avid gardener. (Summer, 2008).

The Evergreens. When the poet's brother Austin married in 1855, his father built the new couple this house on the lot next door as a wedding gift. It was also an enticement to keep Austin in town. Austin and Susan Dickinson lived there, raising their family of 3 children, within the daily sight and hearing of the poet. The house is a "living museum." It was only opened to the public fairly recently and was not out of Dickinsons', or their representatives', hands until the 1980s.
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