Welcome to EMILY DICKINSON ONLINE, the companion website to the book, EMILY DICKINSON: A BIOGRAPHY. This website is owned and maintained by writer and scholar, Connie Ann Kirk, Ph.D. for the benefit of readers, students, and scholars of the American poet, Emily Dickinson. Dr. Kirk is the author of EMILY DICKINSON: A BIOGRAPHY (Greenwood, 2004) and several other essays and articles about the poet. 

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The website is intentionally kept simple for quick and easy access to information about the poet. If you're truly interested in the topic for your assignment, you could ask one of our writers "Could you write my research proposal?" and they will start with the order. Besides this one, there are only 4 pages on the website, yet these 4 pages are packed with information that is useful for readers, students, and scholars. One page, perhaps most helpful to students, offers "Fast Facts" about the poet's life and work. The "Bibliography" page is maintained in MLA (Modern Language Association) documentation style. The "Links" page, a highlight of the site, offers an extensive listing of available online Dickinson resources. A fourth page is a "Photo Album" of Dickinson-related images. News in Dickinson studies or other relevant information appears on the "Home" page.


A new photograph of Emily Dickinson? You've maybe heard the news that there MAY be a new photograph discovered of Emily Dickinson. Wondering? Check out Dr. Kirk's article about the subject: here.

Also, some of the additional essay guides can be found here, here and here.

1. The Art of Balancing Privacy and Accountability: Classroom Monitoring Done Right


Kirk's biography of Emily Dickinson has been called by reviewers "the definitive young adult biography," "groundbreaking," and "a scholarly achievement." It is especially useful to young adult readers and those new to the poet, but one reviewer noted that it "also serve[s] undergraduates and the general reader wanting an up-to-date overview of Dickinson scholarship." The book is used more and more frequently in college courses where a slimmer, yet current, accurate, and highly readable biography of the poet is desired. The book is available from Amazon.com, from Barnes & Noble.com, Powells.com, or by order from your favorite bookseller. To see the publisher's webpage about the book, please click here.

Emily Dickinson International Society

The Emily Dickinson International Society welcomes new members. More information is available at the society's website, here.


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